Participants in CanEngage events are members of the general public. For each event, 25-30 participants are selected to represent the diversity of opinions and life experiences of the general population.  Participants learn about the engagement topic from experts such as doctors, patients, health administrators, and researchers.   They have the opportunity to ask questions of experts and discuss the topic with each other.  No prior knowledge of the topic is expected.

In September 2014, CanEngage will host a public engagement event in Vancouver, BC, on the topic of funding for cancer drugs.  The title of the event is “Making decisions about funding for cancer drugs: a deliberative public engagement.”  The goal of the event is to learn what is important to the people of BC about treating cancer so that BC can make the best possible decisions for cancer care.

Some of the issues on cancer care and treatments to be discussed will include:

  • How do we balance quality of life with a desire to live longer when funding cancer drugs?
  • When is it acceptable for a prescription drug plan to set limits on what drugs are covered?
  • How might the diverse interests of patients, caregivers, and the public be included in cancer drug funding decisions?
  • What would make cancer drug funding decisions trustworthy?

“Making decisions about funding for cancer drugs: a deliberative public engagement” is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, and the Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control.