Who We Are

CanEngage is an interdisciplinary collaboration that brings together members of the public, researchers, and health-care administrators to discuss key topics in health policy in Canada.

CanEngage strives to incorporate society’s values with scientific evidence when making key decisions about investing in new medications, health services, and health technologies in Canada.  Foundational to this effort is a belief that in democratic societies, citizens should have input into how they are governed, including the policies that structure their lives together and provide services like health care.  CanEngage creates opportunities for public input on health policy decisions through deliberative public engagement events related to health policy.   A public engagement event seeks input from the public, decision makers, and experts to find common ground on which to build socially acceptable solutions to policy challenges.

CanEngage is comprised of researchers at the BC Cancer Agency, the Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control and the University of British Columbia who have expertise in health services, policy, economics, and ethics.  The topics for discussion at each public engagement event are developed in collaboration with senior health administrators across Canada and represent the leading edge of health policy making in Canada.